About Us

Care – Right foundation, was born out of a calling in a dream. It’s main founder Mr. NK Sosu. An experience worker in the social welfare service in the country, He succeeded by putting together a group of three hardworking guys who has made an impact in the social welfare sector throughout the country.

In Dec 21. They hard their first meeting here in Accra to shear ideas and also put together personal resources to educate the youth in their local villages.

They went on to help vulnerable women in the society by helping them with some micro loans to start petty trading, they also did a lot of communal labour and gave hope to the youth in their locality.


In 2015, the founder decided to work for an orphanage home in Kumasi for part time to gain more experience in the social service work. Then luckily he got a job with an American based organization in Ghana, where he became the country director of the organization. Under his leadership the foundation was able to achieve a lot of goals and also accomplish all works given to him to do.

Then He still decided to bring back the other three to still put their experiences together to form Care Right foundation. Which has been a dream He has as calling from God to help Humanity. As the saying goes. We help others not because we have to. But it is Right to do.  You can also have everything you want in life if you just help enough people to get what they want in life.


We Value humanity anywhere any how they are and respect their rights and also helps with basic necessities to achieve a common goal


Our mission is to spread Love and smiles to the less privilege and give our valuable time to extend help through given to the world.

This are our four main core values that we ride on as an organization.

 1, Transparency

Care Right foundation, believes strongly in Transparency on everything we do and must not hide or do things in darkness, our doings must reflect our speech and also we believe in living an open life.

2. Accountability

We also must Account to all our Donner’s and stakeholders time to time to show responsibility in our daily transactions and make sure we make every transaction reflect the through state of the organization.

3. Speak out Policy

We Allow the practice of Speak out policy. where no one should be prevented from speaking the truth. We always believe the truth is the only way to set one free from the bondage of lies and deceits. speak out policy allows everyone to speak their mind and bring out their opinion.

4, Team work

Team work. We build together we Win together. team work is the main pivot of our organization, that is why we don’t joke with our workers respective of who you are and what you do we need you to be part of the Care Right team, to help build a wonderful charity organization ready to serve mankind with pleasure.